Muzeum a změna III.Englich Czech
Prague, Czech Republic
17th – 19th February 2009
Pantheon Národního muzea,
Václavské náměstí 68, Praha 1



International museological conference on the theme of

Muzeum a změna III. / The Museum and Change III.

... after three years the Czech Association of Museums and Galleries in cooperation with other entities decided to organize, on the occasion of the chairmanship of the Czech Republic in the Council of the European Union, the third year of the international conference called Muzeum a změna III. / The Museum and Change III. Its previous years in 2002 and 2005, tried to answer many questions concerning the activities of museums and everyday museum practice – how the organizational conditions and collection-making activities of museums changed in the Central and Eastern Europe after 1989; how the approach of museums to their clients changed and how to educate newly the incoming generations of museum employees; how the volunteers may contribute to the museum activities; what the position of virtual reality in the museum work is; how the museum work is influenced by the professional organizations; what the role of the museum in the modern society is etc. After three years we would like to continue the topics of the previous conferences; the starting point of our meeting should be the spectrum of issues, which were not discussed in previous conferences or which were dealt with only marginally …

... museums are the bridges between the past, present time and future, between our lives and stories of people, who lived before us, between the cultures, nations, people; the places for new experience, knowledge. The world is changing fast – and so are the museums. Technologies, manners of communication, approaches to clients, services are changing. However the museums are still the bridges – intermediaries of knowledge, apprehension, understanding ...

The conference called Muzeum a změna III. / The Museum and Change III. is the third occasion for the museum employees, pedagogues, students to meet in the Central Europe; our intention is to make these meetings the regular triennial meetings on the topical, thorny – and maybe also a bit controversial – themes related to museums, its clients and routine job. 

The aim of our meeting should be the possibility to confront the opinions on functioning of museum community and to start the discussion on new museological themes, which will be emphasized more and more in the next periods. To explicate new trends of the museum work and to find the possible models for our work. To provide the room for international discussion on further orientation of the subject of museology, room for experience sharing and for mutual inspiration ...