Theme blocks of conference

Muzeum a změna V / The Museum and Change V
conference will be divided into five theme blocks:

I. Role of Museums in the Society – History and Present
Basic role of museums and their collections in the past and present society. Development and fundamental changes in the “long” 19th century and “wild” 20th century. National role of museums and museum institutions as a part of “national movements”. Museums as heritage keepers or property thesauruses. Role of museums and documentation of demographic changes. What will be the role of museums in globalized world in relation to the forthcoming changes?

II. Current Demographic Changes in Domestic, Central European and European Context   
Main demographic and social changes affecting role of museums – moving, migration, wars, changes in number, structure, ethnic and national composition of population. Prediction of development – what is expected in the Central European and pan-European context? Present migration movements in Europe and integration of migrants into society of destination countries. How will museums respond to demographic changes of the society? Does their offer change in connection with such influences and how?

III. Statistical Bases and Economic and Technological Prerequisites of Changes of the Social Role of Museums
What do we monitor statistically and what are the outputs of museum statistics? What do we know and to what extent and is it necessary to change the form of statistical statements radically? Is it necessary to monitor also other quantities? Do we adapt our future strategies to statistical findings? Museum – how much does it cost? Museums and financing of culture, management for the 21st century from the point of view of museum work, importance of culture for economy, culture as competitive advantage. Do the museums use achievements of modern technology sufficiently? How do they respond in this respect to the society demand?

IV. Visions and Instruments of Change of Social Role of Museums
What are the possibilities of presentation and interpretation of cultural heritage with use of new technologies? Virtual reality versus personal contact? Digitized record versus real collection item? What is direction of work of the museum with a visitor under current demographic changes in the society? How does the manner of perception of museums and their function change from the point of view of current population? New museology and its practical use, museum digital networks and virtual museums, new forms and instruments of museum education, intercultural dialogue and information technologies as an instrument of changes of social role of museums.

Four conference blocks with papers and panel discussion. Poster presentations.
Interested persons may register for having presentation with the contribution to the extent maximally of 15 min.
We would hereby like to ask the speakers to deliver the title of their papers, abstract of the contribution (15 lines) and curriculum vitae within the 1st circular.
We would like to notify that it is necessary to present the printed text of the contribution for the needs of the translators at the latest one week before the conference opening, i.e. until 14th November 2016.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse the contributions or to shorten the time period for the contribution presenting (contributions are considered and chosen by the preparatory committee of the conference, which will subsequently set up the final program).
Presented papers will be published in the conference specialized publication in 2017 (contributions will go through review proceedings, text shall have 15 pages maximally and illustrations).