Czech Association of Museums and Galleries
(Asociace muzeí a galerií České republiky, z. s. – AMG)

Secretariat AMG: Jindřišská 901/5, 2nd stairway, 110 00 Prague 1 – Nové Město (New Town), Czech Republic

+420 224 210 037–9

Mobile phone
 +420 736 438 611


Professional association of collection-making institutions and persons active in the subject of museum administration; established in 1990; at present it associates 301 regular members (approximately 55% of museum institutions in the Czech Republic and at the same time 85% of the biggest ones of them) and 62 honorary and individual members. 

The role of this citizen association is to represent the museums and galleries in the Czech Republic, to endeavor for the development of museum administration and securing of the free creative work in museums and galleries, to protect the common interests and rights of these institutions following the principles stated by the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums.

The AMG structure is organized regionally and professionally – there are 14 regional divisions; the departmental committees (17 at present) are established on the basis of the common professional orientation or interest; besides these collegia exist within AMG, which are associations of regular members in the territory of a certain region or originating on the basis of common specialization or identical organizational conditions.

AMG represents interests of its members towards the state and municipal authorities, other museum establishers and also in relation to other legal and physical entities; it participates actively in the legislative process at creating of legal standards, which affect professional, legal and economic position of museums and subject of museology as a whole.

  • It participates in creation of concepts of its subject and fulfills important projects, it creates and manages departmental information systems and provides the wide platform for meeting of museum employees and information exchange.
  • It promotes and popularizes multilaterally both museums and galleries activities and also its own activities towards the public; since 2002 it has been announcing, together with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Gloria Musaealis National Museum Competition.
  • It organizes annually the extensive media campaign – Museum Night Festival and since 2005 it has been organizing the all-year information campaign called the Museums and the 20th Century.
  • It secures various forms of education for museum employees – seminars; national colloquia on the current topics of the Czech museology; international museological conferences and other events; since 2002 it has been organizing the annual courses of the School of Museum Propaedeutic.
  • It develops the rich publishing activities – since 1992 it has been publishing the AMG Bulletin, many independent publications and collections from AMG committees seminars and handbooks necessary for museum work; it publishes continuously on its website – Directory of Czech Museums and Galleries, invitations for seminars and conferences, offers of museum book production, job offers and many other current information.
  • It cooperates with its both national and international partner organizations (Czech Committee of the Blue Shield, Council of Galleries of the Czech Republic, Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic, Union of Museums in Slovakia, The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) and by means of its Czech Committee also with the International Council of Museums (ICOM)).